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Hardcore SEO – Creating Resonating Content

In this episode of Hardcore SEO, Perficient Digital’s Laura Ackerman discusses her tried and true methods of coming up with fresh content ideas for campaigns. Whenever you start out looking to create something new, try to ask yourself the question “what question isn’t being answered by the industry today?” Providing answers to questions that no one else is is one of a few great ways Laura creates unique and resonation content. Check out the full video for all of the insider tips! She is joined by Eric Enge.

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Laura: I’m Laura Ackerman, Senior Marketing Consultant at Perficient Digital.
Eric: And I’m Eric Enge of Perficient Digital.
Laura: And we’re here to talk to you about content that resonates.
Laura: There are often very obvious topics to cover when you do content marketing for a company, usually ones that relate to a company’s core products and solutions. However, the type of content that is shared and imitated is rarely generated from those obvious ideas.
Eric: So what’s the most important aspect in keeping topics fresh?
Laura: Well for starters, the ability to listen is critical to becoming successful. You need to hear what customers are saying in person and online, what employees of the company are saying, and what the industry is communicating.
Eric: Makes a lot of sense, but what do you do once you’ve gathered all this great information?
Laura: Great question, you need to be able to piece together topics, which address issues that are being discussed. The question you always need to be asking is, “what is not being answered by others in your market today?” With the analysis, you get a bigger picture of the industry and your audience, and that will help you map your way.
Eric: So what do you do after you analyze the information?
Laura: Once your analysis is complete, you’ll want to start building out a strategy to create interesting content and a logistical schedule to deliver on the content. One strategy would be to take part in a larger conversation that is already happening around you. Because the topic is already newsworthy, it’s often a way to immediately amplify the impact of your content. Don’t try and shoehorn your way into an article or topic you’re not a fit in. But, there are broad examples of how you can follow the trends to capitalize on a topic. If you can find a truly unique angle you make a much bigger impact.
Eric: Very interesting. Are there good examples of this?
Laura: Yes absolutely. During the last few Olympic games, P&G did an ad campaign called “Thank you Mom.” While the topic itself seemingly has little to do with the Olympics, it taps into a real, emotional story that resonates with athletes, parents of athletes and the general public. It says that even major success starts with the moms who wake up to take to their kids to practices, to go to every game and are always there and supportive. It resonates in a way that simply talking about P&G products couldn’t do. They found a unique way to tell a story that became something more than just a commercial campaign.
Eric: Very cool, so how do you go about creating these unique ideas?
Laura: Honestly, you just Brainstorm. Talk to the various stakeholders in your organization and even survey people. There are many ways to discover new ideas and approaches. You can even borrow examples from other industries that you can repurpose for yourself. Ultimately, what you need to be able to do is to place yourself in the position of the person who is going to consume the content you are producing. Does it answer their questions? Does it fulfill their needs? How easy or interesting is the content to consume? What emotions does it evoke? Once you come up with the answers to these questions you’ll have the building blocks for any type of creative content.
Eric: Well thanks so much Laura, any closing thoughts?
Laura: Definitely. You have to be willing to try lots of new ideas and take risks. Not every content idea will resonate with your audience, and sometimes a project that you have little faith in will ultimately become a viral success. Generate lots of ideas, see if the ideas match the information you gathered from listening, and then take calculated risks to see if the ideas work.
Eric: Well that’s it for today’s episode of Hardcore SEO, thanks for watching!

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  1. contant is really impotant for SEO provider and also social media is part of SEO, this is great information. thank you for sharing.

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