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User Experience with Poor Data Quality

We are living in what many are calling the age of the consumer. Companies today rely on their reputation and their customer’s experience to drive revenue. Customers expect real-time information such as product, pricing and availability via their mobile devices. Data quality issues equate to poor customer experiences. Consider the customer’s perspective if they show up at your location for goods or services only to find the information provided on your website or mobile application is incorrect. Many times you will only get one chance with the customer to provide a compelling user experience. Bad information can be infuriating resulting in potential customers wasting time and money.

Perficient has developed a fast-paced assessment of your high-value, customer facing data. We work with our clients to define an agenda to assess the following components of data quality and then provide an actionable report detailing how data quality issues can be resolved:

  • Identify high-value data for customer facing initiatives
  • Enterprise data quality goals and objectives
  • Enterprise, Departmental, and IT organization and roles for data quality
  • Management of master data – e.g. customer and product
  • Processes for identification of data quality issues
  • Management of data quality rules
  • Quality at the point of data capture
  • Data integration and systems of record
  • Data quality from third parties
  • Process and metrics for enterprise data quality

Perficient has partnerships with all the major data management software vendors. We can quickly assess your data quality that is critical to your customer facing applications and put you on a fast track to resolve these issues.

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