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SharePoint 2013 On-Premises Search Improvements – Nov 2014 CU

SharePoint2013,pngOne of our ace lead consultants, RGB or Roydon Gyles-Bedford, alerted our team of some great improvements made to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 on-premises. These 2 important new updates can be found in the November 2014 CU –
#1 – Search can now index office documents embedded in other office documents!
Example – you have a Word doc (.docx) embedded in a PowerPoint slide (.pptx). That word document has text. SharePoint Search will now index that text. You can use the Enterprise Search Center to search for a word in that document and your PowerPoint presentation will be listed in the search results. Awesome! For more information, visit the MSDN Blog here.
#2 – Search stays online even when one or more partition(s) is unavailable! 
Prior to this update in the Nov 2014 CU, if a search partition failed, had to go down for maintenance, or is degraded; search results would not be displayed. With the update, your users will get at least partial results – instead of no results at all. For Enterprise customers who have struggled to maintain aggressive SLA’s, this new update is huge! For more information, visit the MSDN Blog here.
Thanks RGB!

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