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Perficient’s Top 5 SharePoint Blog Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, we’re taking a look at our most popular blog posts of the year. Here are the top five SharePoint related posts, in no particular order:top-5
SPC 2014 Roadmap Updates – SharePoint 2015 Announced!
While attending SharePoint Conference 2014, Joe Crabtree summarized Microsoft’s goals for Office, which Jared Spataro shared during his keynote speech. With the cloud being king, Joe goes on to explain what these changes mean for on-premises customers, and assures folks who plan to stay on premises – it’s okay.
SharePoint 2013 Search: JavaScript CSOM Primer
With the rise of SharePoint Online, custom search solutions through JavaScript have become a staple of the development work done for clients. While a lot of your search basics can be handled through simple modification of Display Templates, the opportunity still arises when you need to do something truly custom with your search code. In this post, Will Tseng reviews the basics, and then takes it a little deeper to give you more control over your queries and results returned.
 SharePoint Hybrid Architectures Introduction
Hybrid SharePoint environments combine deployments of SharePoint on premises with SharePoint Online. The hybrid environments enable organizations to realize a higher degree of flexibility than forcing a choice between either an on-premises or cloud model. The goal of any hybridization is to leverage the strengths of both parts, while minimizing the components’ weaknesses. Here, Joe Crabtree walks through some of the terminology and explains the different options.
SharePoint Forms – Living Without InfoPath
In his blog post, SPC 2014 Roadmap Updates – SharePoint 2015 Announced!, Joe Crabtree also shared that all the features of SharePoint Server 2013 would still be available to you, with the exception of InfoPath. In this blog post, Joe lays out the various options moving forward, including apps, Excel surveys, Access apps, forms on SharePoint lists and structured data forms.
SharePoint Online Content Type Hub
Joe Crabtree explains how to use the popular feature from SharePoint on-premises, called the content type hub, in SharePoint Online. The feature was first introduced in SharePoint 2010, and enables publishing and subscribing to content types. Joe goes on to explain how very SharePoint Online tenant has a content type hub pre-built and shares how to find it.
Over the next few days, we’ll share more of the most popular posts of 2014, covering topics such as Lync, Azure and Yammer.

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