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Like many of us, I have run into several essbase errors while creating/testing/implementing new applications and scripts.   Some of the errors have useful information in the log files or the error code’s description clearly reveals where the error lies, but there are those codes which provide little to no information or the accompanying error message is as cryptic as the code itself.

Below are a few of the choice errors that have run into and the solutions I have used to get past them.

ERROR 1090004


Error occurs when you are trying to load an essbase data file via the Essbase Administration console but the console is not installed on the same server as Essbase.

When trying to load an essbase data file you receive error 1090004.

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Move the extracted file or the file you wish to load into the named database folder in the named application folder on the essbaseserver.

When you extract an essbase file by default the file is saved to the essbase server “app” folder for example:


When you try and load the file, the console does not “see” the default save location and will only display the named application folders.  To resolve the Error save the data file to the named database folder under the named application.

For example: If you want to load the Basic database in the Sample application you would save the file to


You can then select the file to load by navigating on the Essbase Server and looking in the Application name and the Basic database.


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