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[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]All tests pass as written on Sitecore 7.1 Update 1. Isolation provided by Sitecore.FakeDb[/su_note]

The Stage

public class LanguageQuirksTest
private const string LanguageWithNoName = @"";

private class SmartDataProvider : DataProvider
// can't create an abstract DataProvider

There Is A Language With No Name

public void ThereIsALanguageWithNoName()
.BeTrue("Of course there's a language with no name");

A Language With No Name Has No Name

public void ALanguageWithNoNameHasNoName()
var language = Language.Parse(LanguageWithNoName);

language.Should().NotBeNull("Sitecore knows there's a language with no name");

language.Name.Should().BeEmpty("A language with no name has no name. Of course!");

Is There Really A Language With No Name?

public void LanguageSwitcherDoesNotAgreeWithLanguageManager()
Action create = () => new LanguageSwitcher(LanguageWithNoName);

create.ShouldThrow<InvalidOperationException>("Nope, there isn't. Sorry buddy.");

I Default To English

public void GlobalsDefaultsToUs()

Globals.DefaultCulture.Name.Should().Be("en-US", "We are in US");
Globals.DefaultCulture.TwoLetterISOLanguageName.Should().Be("en", "And of course we speak English");

public void SettingsDefaultsToEn()
Settings.DefaultLanguage.Should().Be("en", "English is the world language");
Settings.ClientLanguage.Should().Be("en", "Did I tell you that English is the world language?");

I Default To English and American English

public void DataProviderKnowsOfTwoLanguages()
var provider = new SmartDataProvider();
var context = new CallContext(new DataManager(Database.GetDatabase("master")), 0);

LanguageCollection languages = provider.GetLanguages(context);


languages.Should().Contain(Language.Parse("en"), "English is the world language");
languages.Should().Contain(Language.Parse("en-US"), "Wait... and so is American English!");

languages.Should().NotContain(Language.Parse(LanguageWithNoName), "... sorry buddy");


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