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There are No Problems – Only Opportunities

Language is powerful and can completely set the tone within your environment whenever you are pleased or frustrated.
There are No Problems. Only OpportunitiesAfter only a few days of working at Perficient, I began to notice something very different about the language that was used in each conversation that I had. The difference? Nobody used the word “problem.”
If we, as a team, didn’t feel like we were doing the very best at something, it wasn’t seen as a weakness, it was seen as an opportunity. The emphasis is always on the positive side of the situation. And that difference changes the attitude across the entire company.
When you focus on problems, you can walk into work every day feeling frustrated at how far you are away from your goal. I am at point A and I want to be at point Z. It’s pretty frustrating not to be where you want to be UNLESS, you are at point A and think about how exciting it is that you have all this room to improve. It’s a wide open space to get better and better rather than a huge black hole of “how on earth am I going to get THERE.”
I have taken this language and incorporated it into my personal life as well. When my child gets frustrated with something, I focus on how awesome it is that she has so much room to grow. Rather than finding flaws in the way that I am doing things, I see them as great opportunities for improvement.
Problems make you feel overwhelmed.
Opportunities make you feel excited.
The difference is palpable and it’s what makes the environment at Perficient so different.
When we run into an issue, we simply find a way to solve it. When we realize that we could be better at something, we get excited about the chance to improve.
Language matters. It impacts the feel and culture of Perficient in every single interaction that I have. My colleagues aren’t “problem solvers,” they are “opportunity finders.” It’s the difference between a battle to survive and journey of discovery.
I look forward to all of the opportunities Perficient will bring to my life.

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