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The Future of Enterprise Computing

Here at IBM’s Connect Conference, we get to hear a lot about trends and where social is headed.  Geoffrey Moore spoke about the future of Enterprise Computing.   The new worlds is:

Built in the Cloud

  • Social
  • Search
  • Apps
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Big Data

All this is driven by the fact that consumer IT set the bar.  These consumer driven organizations create deeply engaging, empower, collaborative solutions. Systems of Engagement are the new focus.   When it all comes together, the productivity gains are substantial.  If you think about it, systems of record are important, must have even.  However, they are table stakes.   Most of the value has already been amortized.  They are no longer differentiators.

So what are the big payoffs:

  • B2C
    • App is the new client
    • Leveraging big data
    • extracting actionable signals from digital noise
  • B2B
    • BYOD is the new client
    • Mobilizing management
    • Facilitating collaboration in real time.  The new generation is used to collaboration in a way the older generations haven’t even thought about it.

So what does this do to that legacy software stack? It’s all impacted.  All of these old systems need to be extended with a new highly collaborative paradigm.


The old

The old
















The New

The New














There’s a huge amount of work to be done as all this changes.  The legacy needs to be migrated.  These are tough issues when you have to deal with things like security in  a new age of collaboration or moving from business process to user experience design.

Key Takeaways

  • The prize is huge
    • We spent more than a trillion on systems of record
    • Will probably spend a trillion $$ on systems of engagement
  • The market needs help
    • The technology is way out in front of the business process
    • IT does not have the right tools, experience, or staffing
  • The fulcrum of change is you (those who implement it)
    • These are services led engagements
    • A vendor like IBM can provide the tools and context but someone needs to deliver it.
  • The time to shift is NOW

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