Smart App vs. Stupid App

Have you ever asked yourself why my work applications can’t be more like my mobile phone apps? My Smartphone is just amazing. I asked my phone “where am I” and it pulled up a map and showed me. I didn’t have to learn a new command. It was just an intuitive question and I really did expect the phone to tell me. I start to do a web search and it figures out what I am looking for before I am finished typing. I like one piece of music and it plays other artists with similar styles.
Then I use my work applications and they just seem as dumb as a rock. I think it’s time for a wakeup call. If IT and commercial software vendors cannot improve their user’s experience expect them to bolt in droves to smarter apps. We have a generation of kids that are growing up with tablets and Smartphones. The applications we build today will be around a long time. It’s time to stop building applications without solid user experience design! This is an opportunity for real competitive advantage.

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