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Reconciling the Information Gap Between Upgrade vs Implementation

The rapid progression of the healthcare industry to update existing regulations while introducing technological innovations in the enhancement of healthcare delivery systems is dependent on the efficient translation of current organizational configurations to patient management based on newly defined regulations. The current configurations may or may not have adequate systems for thorough integration of regulation specifications. The apparent issue to present is these changes in a model that compares current upgrade to a completely new implementation of information and technology systems.

The Digital Essentials, Part 3
The Digital Essentials, Part 3

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healthcare keyboardIn greater detail, a gap assessment should be conducted that will evaluate current capabilities with needs projected with future requirements and future needs. The core objectives of such an assessment are as follows:

  1. What current needs do not match future needs?
  2. If current needs do not exist in future needs, are they no longer viable or are they redefined in future needs?
  3. Define the organizational resources for newly defined needs or those that are re-allocated from the current resources.
  4. Analyze the benefits of the reconfiguration of future systems based on current systems to determine changes in quality of healthcare deliver, efficiency, and cost.

Once all levels of evaluation in the gap analyses are complete, a strategic process of upgrade and implementation can be assessed for changes of current and future system configurations, aligning with the availability of corresponding resources.

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