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OBIEE bundle patch released

Just found that Oracle has released the bundle patch ( for OBIEE. The details of the patch are posted on the Oracle blog and the details are below:

Bundled Patch Details

  • (1 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer. Tracking Bug  16287811
  • (2 of 7) Oracle Real Time Decisions. Tracking Bug 16287778
  • (3 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher. Tracking Bug 16237960
  • (4 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence ADF Components. Tracking Bug 16287840
  • (5 of 7) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer Tracking Bug 16287854
  • (6 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence. Tracking Bug 16227549
  • (7 of 7) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer Tracking Bug 16287884

It can be downloaded from My Oracle Support. The link for the Oracle blog is below:


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