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IBM Connections Metrics

Miguel Estrada and Nan Shi presented the session Getting the Most Value Out of Metrics in IBM Connections 4 at IBM Connect 2013.  Metrics and analytics are critical to understanding your customer, employee and partner behavior and interactions.  Some of the key points in the session include:

Metrics Overview

  • Connections provides quantitative and qualitative metrics in Connections.  Quantitative metrics are measurements and qualitative metrics are descriptive
  • They are presented using charts that provide at a glance views
  • Connections metrics supported by IBM Cognos Business Intelligence which is part of the Connections deployment
  • Can leverage Cognos BI for further analysis on social behavior

Types of metrics

Global metrics

  • Measures utilization across all components
  • Targets to business owners and stakeholders
  • Reports overall usage, e.g. how many logged in last week
  • Grouped by people, participation and content
  • Metrics can be analyzed by timelines
  • Metrics can be segmented by up to 3 profile attributes that you pick during installation and configuration (it could be changed later)

Community Metrics

  • Targets community owners
  • Reports metrics scoped to a single community at a time
  • All reports are generated on demand and cached until a report is requestedd
  • Like global metrics, metrics can grouped by people, participation and content, leverage timelines and profile attributes for segmentation

The rest of the presentation was a demo that showed technically how to change the people filter, add a new metrics report and change the metrics user interface.  It is a technical process that a Connections administrator will need to execute but it is not difficult and is well documented. Connections 4 metrics have come a long way over previous versions.  The ability to customize metrics and leverage Cognos BI provides great flexibility and business value.

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