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IBMConnect: Driving Web Experience with Digital Analytics and Mktg

I saw an interesting session on how to combine the power of site management, web analytics, and digital marketing.  It was given by:

Rob Enright – Strategist Portal Customer Experience Management

Daniel Tabor – Product Manager IBM Marketing Center

I liked what I saw although I have some serious questions on how the integration works.

The proliferation of devices and channels increases the complexity of managing the customer experience.  A strategy should work towards unifying the message across the different channels.

You generate the consistency in a number of ways.  You want to bring all the aspects together in a single view.

IBM’s Web Experience tools bring a wide range of capabilities like social, mobile, personalization, web content management, security, etc.  However, they can be improved upon when you think about measuring and improving the experience. This is where web analytics tools like CoreMetrics and Marketing optimization tools like Unica come into play.

Definition: using digital analytics to attract and retain clients and thus increase profitablility, enhancing personalization, and continuously optimize the experience.


Out of the box, IBM has Coremetrics digital analytics.  That means you can harness the tags, use pre-built tags for portal and WCM, find the content, and track click activity. The click activity would track the activity over a lifetime of the user or segment.


IBM is now working to expand on that by delivering personalized marketing communications in portal, content, and commerce sites.  The integration will allow the business to get the data, define a campaign, and push it to the site.



  • Sports site offers products and a set of communities based on interest.
    • The communities allow you to upload pictures, post blogs, track activities of users, etc.
    • Rob opened up an inline view to define a targeted advert portlet on the page.
      • Portal
        • He then edited the content because it’s built in WCM
        • Tagged the content with diving
        • Added an image to it
        • Downloaded the Asset or advert by clicking a button and saving it to the marketing engine
        • Edited another section of the page  and told it to look for all blog posts, events, and profiles tagged with “dynamic tags’
        • Saved the page
  • Coremetrics
    • Added a new audience called divers
      • Based on definition of divers as members of the site, those who purchased diving equipment, and who live in the United States.
      • IBM Marketing Center provides a graphical approach to defining all the rules of segmentation
      • Grabbed the page that we just edited in portal
      • Found the advert htlml they already pushed to Marketing Center
      • Dropped the html to a specific zone of the page
      • Watched the social stories change to diving because the advert was tagged diving. (because of the dynamic tag)
  • The Portal/WCM integration to the Marketing center was built with a simple approach those in marketing can use.
    • You can publish those adverts to a content delivery network to make delivery fast no matter where you are.

Questions we need to understand: it looks like the Marketing Center pulls site content and then delivers it with the personalized message.  That means that integration may be lighter than we think it might.  Definitely something I would want to

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