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EMR Selection: Caveat Emptor

Based on the most recent meaningful use statistics published by CMS, the majority of Eligible Physicians submitting MU claims for Medicare have not been paid. Medicaid is only marginally better.


Providers who are shopping for EMR systems must pay attention to the track record of the vendor and investigate claims these systems are MU compliant. Vendors have to conduct an in-depth certification process. Shoppers should expect to see the resulting confirmation from ONC proving EMR systems they are considering have passed this certification. They also should be clear all along what is expected from them to qualify for MU stage 2 reimbursements.Collecting Meaningful Use dollars is difficult but not impossible. It will require the Provider to study and understand the nuances of these requirements and start developing habits that ensure payment well in advance. Providers must shop wisely. The statistics above indicate many systems claim to support Meaningful Use during stage 1 apparently fall short in some way or another. Meaningful Use stage 2 will be much more onerous for both the EMR vendor and the Provider to qualify. This implies the majority of EPs are not demonstrating MU as per the CMS guidelines. In my last blog, I talked about software forcing providers to change the way they practice medicine to qualify for Meaningful Use. Today, I’m sharing some numbers that illustrate the difficulty of getting paid even after all this change.In order to be included in this report, Providers must successfully demonstrate Meaningful Use, and meet the allowable-charges threshold as well as all program requirements to be included in this report.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements will push a lot of EMR vendors out of the market. This is good for Providers since they have fewer choices and far less marketplace noise. On the other hand, many vendors will claim to be stage 2 compliant who are not.

Buyer beware! The Savvy Shoppers will prevail.

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