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The Dependency Checker Accelerator

The database centric solutions created by the National Microsoft Business Intelligence Practice often require a sequence of events that must run in a certain order. An example of a sequence of events is loading a data warehouse and there are multiple jobs to do the load that need to occur in a certain order. Often the sequence of events is controlled by SQL Server Agent Jobs. The only dependencies SQL Server Agent supports are time based and when there are a number of jobs that have variable days and times, it can become very complex to maintain and support when jobs within the sequence run outside of their pre-defined windows. With this accelerator, job names can be used as prerequisites to other jobs. Once the perquisites have finished successfully, the next job in a defined sequence will execute eliminating the possibility of jobs further downstream executing out of order.
The above functionality can be provided with an enterprise scheduler that is purchased. Often, this type of software is expensive and requires much effort in the setup and configuration. In my experience, clients are hesitant in purchasing such software because of the commitment, time, and cost in supporting the enterprise scheduler software. This solution bridges the gap between a need to control when jobs run and not having a tool to do it.
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