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Perficient Colleague authors Windows 8 Application Development Book!

I’m excited to share that Perficient colleague Kyle Burns has authored a book entitled “Beginning Windows 8 Application Development – XAML Edition.”  From the press release, which can be read here

This book provides information technology professionals guidance on how to develop on Microsoft’s newest platform – Windows 8.
“As the world becomes more connected, people – employees, consumers, and partners – expect their devices to support how they like to communicate, operate and collaborate with one another. The launch of Windows 8 is aimed to provide a platform that supports this evolution,” said Burns. “The overall goal of this book was to share useful information for developers on how to build well-crafted applications that take into account the user experience, social integration and maintaining data and settings across multiple devices.”
“Beginning Windows 8 Application Development,” published by Apress, introduces developers to Windows 8 and the new Windows 8 programming model. Readers will learn to build rich, immersive applications designed to run on the many devices that will be powered by Windows 8. “Beginning Windows 8 Application Development” enables developers to:

  • Apply Windows 8 modern user experience style design guidelines to build effective user interfaces
  • Consume services to bring data into the application
  • Use the cloud to share data and application settings across multiple devices
  • Build next-generation connected and social applications

With the Windows 8 launch occuring today, it’s really exciting to see how the Perficient team is helping to share knowledge and awareness on how to make the most of the new platform!

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