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A Case for a Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence (CoE)


A Forrester survey (“The EA View: BPM Has Become Mainstream”, Forrester Research, Inc.) indicated:


“Of companies experiencing clear measurable improvement in FPM, 49% have a CoE in place”


With that in mind, I attended a presentation by Sandy Kemsley, (an accomplished FPM Analyst and Consultant) entitled,

“Maximizing FPM Success with a Center of Excellence”.

Ms. Kemsley summarized the results of the recent survey very well saying:

“Clearly, while a CoE many not be a panacea for success, having one in operation significantly increases the odds of success…”

CoE Drivers





The presentation detailed some of the drivers of a CoE:

  • Accelerated knowledge transfer within an organization
  • Identification of synergies between projects to share code and components
  • Standardization of methodologies and concepts
  • Continually striving for reusability of thoughts, concepts, processes, etc.
  • Faster and faster deployments
  • Lowered costs
  • Excellence in process engineering
  • Providing ongoing mentoring and project-specific advice
  • Quickly giving training and skills transfer to a project

And my favorite:

The promotion of a shift from “departmental” to “enterprise” scale projects…


As busy as I am these days, I feel that my time was well spent attending this presentation.

As more and more organizations begin to implement and advance the role of FPM, it becomes apparent that the probability of success demands partnering with a vendor that is not “individually project focused” but has invested in establishing their own “center of excellence”.


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