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ETL better and faster

Having been in consulting for over 18 years, I am often asked by business owners or senior management how they can deliver solutions that are faster and better. They also want world-class products that captivate the customer, in addition to better predictability in the solutions delivered. I have found a way to have repeatable success with my clients by utilizing frameworks and templates that I have refined over the years. My method has led to many clients with an end product that has exceeded their expectations.

I am part of the Microsoft BI Practice and am currently delivering a framework to Perficient branches so they can do more with less. In the next few weeks, I will release a framework and template to a pilot branch. It will have an example built off of Adventure Works that has the following functionality for a SSIS/ETL project.

1)      SSIS BI Management Reporting
2)      Error Handling
3)      Logging for End-to-End traceability
4)      Auditing
5)      Configuration
6)      Test Driven Development (TDD)
7)      SSIS Template Project
8)      Enterprise Perficient SSIS database that contains above information for all of an enterprises’ SSIS projects. Currently, SQL Server 2012’s SSIS database is being reviewed to see what other information can be leveraged.  A future release of this framework will have ties into the metrics captured by 2012’s SSIS.
9)      A working example of the above functionality
10)   Supporting Documentation

With consistent delivery through templates, frameworks, and documentation, we will make solutions together that are more focused on the business problem, more powerful for the clients to manage in their IT asset portfolio, and have a lower cost for delivery. That is the win – win in the IT consulting world.

Andrew Holowaty
Lead Technical Consultant

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Andrew Holowaty

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