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Oracle WebCenter Explained!

Oracle WebCenter

Oracle’s big convention OpenWorld is going on this week.  I thought I’d take that opportunity to explore Oracle’s WebCenter Suite in some detail.  There has been some confusion in the past few years about Oracle’s Portal strategy, but it looks like they are finally offering a very strong product line in that space.  With the total suite of products, Oracle should be considered a big time competitor to IBM and Microsoft in the Portal, Content Management and Social spaces.

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Over the past few years Oracle has been on a purchasing spree in the areas of Portal and Content Management.  They purchased Stellent in 2007, BEA, Sun, and recently purchased FatWire.  The Portal and CM products from these companies have been relabeled with the Oracle Web Center moniker.  Here is the list of WebCenter products and their origins:

Oracle WebCenter

  • WebCenter Portal – a combination of the best features from Oracle, BEA, and Sun portals. This used to be called Web Center Spaces
  • WebCenter Sites – the FatWire Web Content Management system
  • WebCenter Content – the ECM product based on Stellent
  • WebCenter Connect – Also known as Web Center Social.  I’m not sure of the origin of this product.
So Oracle has products that cover ECM, WCM, Portal and Social.  If you want everything, Oracle calls that WebCenter Suite.
I just had a demo of WebCenter Portal from a Perficient Colleague, Jeff Lea.  The out of the box integration features that Oracle provides across all of its product line, not just WebCenter is fantastic.  Jeff demonstrated me it is just as easy to include content from WebCenter Content as it is to get dashboards from E-Business Suite.   If you go all-in with the Oracle product suite – I’m talking Seibel, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, WebCenter, etc. – you can simply register modules from the various systems and then plop them into your portal without any coding.
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