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Stats Comparing iOS to Android

eWeek has an article out comparing iOS to Android.  Despite the surge in Android shipments, the total of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad shipments still far surpasses what Android has shipped.  See the article for all the points they make.

  1. 5,200 developers at Apples WWDC
  2. 200 Million iOS devices sold
  3. 425,000 iPhone apps
  4. 90,000 iPad apps
  5. 25 million iPads sold
  6. 14 billion apps downloaded from Apple’s app store
  7. $2.5 billion paid out to Apple’s app store developers
  8. 130 million books downloaded for Apple’s iBook
  9. 15 billion songs from iTunes

Apple paid out $2.5 billion dollars to developers so far


Update: Added link after one of our readers noted that it’s missing.

Thoughts on “Stats Comparing iOS to Android”

  1. This post does not compare iOS to Android. It documents iOS usage and ancillary information.

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