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SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Data Management

Along with the Office Team, the SharePoint product team has announced the availability of Service Pack 1 in June.  In addtion to the usual bundling of updates and hotfixes,  the following data management enhancements will be included:
  • Site Recycle Bin – administrators will be able to recover site collections and sites accidentally deleted by their owners in a process similar to that of the Recycle Bin which exists for Lists, Libraries, and Documents.
  • Remote Blob Management – the Move-SPSite cmdlet will provide an option to supress the migration of referenced BLOB files during a site collection move. 
These are two exciting improvements.  It will be well worth installing this service pack for the site recycle bin alone. 
Those who have yet to deploy SharePoint 2010 should consider how these features could simplify various data recovery scenarios.
Keep on the lookout for this release, as there are likely to be other valuable tools included.

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