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Using Azure AD Domain Service for SharePoint IaaS Deployments

Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a great option for SharePoint Server deployments for those use cases and/or organizations where SharePoint Online is not appropriate or sufficient.  IaaS can be used for dev/test scenarios or a part of a production, cloud-based infrastructure. With SharePoint Server 2016, deployment without Active Directory is no longer supported;  Active Directory is […]

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SharePoint Server 2016 Installation

The report of my death was an exaggeration – Mark Twain & SharePoint Server On-Premises SharePoint Server On-Premises was, in the recent past, presumed obsolete. While Office 365 and Cloud Computing are juggernauts, compelling use cases continue to exists for On-Premises deployment. Realizing this need, Microsoft is working toward a Q1 2016 release of SharePoint […]

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Video Comes to Office 365 and SharePoint Online

This week, Microsoft announced the release of an Office 365 Video Portal (see Office 365 Video ). This is an exciting first step into an area of great demand and large potential. In the past, many larger enterprises purchased dedicated 3rd party solutions for the management of video content. Smaller organizations typically leverage You Tube.  […]

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Office 365 and Salesforce: Integration Case Study Part II

Given the central role that Office 365 occupies for more and more businesses, integration of the resources managed by Office 365 with other services is a challenge that Perficient often addresses for clients. The good news is that the Office 365 platform and the architecture of many other, key platforms provide countless integration possibilities, many […]

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Office 365 and Salesforce: Integration Case Study

    Given the central role that Office 365 occupies for more and more businesses, integration of the resources managed by Office 365 with other services is a challenge that Perficient often addresses for clients. The good news is that the Office 365 platform and the architecture of many other, key platforms provide countless integration possibilities, many […]

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Office 365 Information Recovery

One of the many advantages of using Office 365 is freedom from a myriad of worries at the data center (watch this video for an interesting glimpse at Microsoft data centers), server, and application levels.  One of the most important concerns for any enterprise is that of “business continuity” – making sure a service is […]

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SharePoint and Windows Azure

Microsoft has just announced general availability of “Infrastructure as a Service” for Windows Azure (see  Windows Azure and IaaS), including support for Virtual Machines and Virtual Networking.  With this offering, Microsoft is attempting to provide a compelling alternative to options such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud Servers, etc.  As competition heats up, pricing is becoming […]

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SharePoint 2013: Revisiting Automated SharePoint Installs

A while back, I blogged about both the driving factors and a recommended process for automated installation of SharePoint 2010 (see Automating Sharepoint 2010 Installs). As more and more of our clients are deploying SharePoint 2013, I’ve had a chance to revisit and revise the process for SharePoint 2013. The good news for those of […]

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Governance and SharePoint 2013

As the excitement surrounding SharePoint 2013 increases, those of us who make a living helping companies deploy SharePoint are beginning to consider the Governance implications of the latest release. The need for SharePoint Governance has, of course, not gone away with the new version (there is still no Governance “check box”).  Quite the contrary, the […]

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SharePoint 2013 Site Collections

One of the more basic “value-adds” of SharePoint is the abstraction of IIS web sites and data stores as “web applications” and “site collections”.  Because this abstraction has worked well, there has been no fundamental change to these concepts in SharePoint 2013. In cases where there is a need for a larger number of site […]

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SharePoint Farm Topologies for 2013 and 2010

As part of the release of the SharePoint 2013 Preview, Microsoft has provided a series of diagrams covering a variety of infrastructure areas.  One of the more interesting can be regarded a synopsis of farm topology best practices.  Even though this diagram can be rendered on a single page (click here to review an interactive version), it is filled with a […]

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Automating SharePoint 2010 Installs

Configuring a SharePoint 2010 Farm is a non-trivial undertaking. Each of the servers in the farm must have the correct software installed. In addition, a myriad of accounts, databases, applications, and services must be correctly installed, created, and configured on each server. Typically, a project team requires three or four different farms (development, integration, validation/test, […]

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SharePoint 2010 SP1 and Data Management

Along with the Office Team, the SharePoint product team has announced the availability of Service Pack 1 in June.  In addtion to the usual bundling of updates and hotfixes,  the following data management enhancements will be included: Site Recycle Bin – administrators will be able to recover site collections and sites accidentally deleted by their owners in a […]

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SharePoint 2010 and Virtualization

In spite of the ever increasing interest in “the cloud”, the majority of enterprise SharePoint 2010 deployments still involve architecting a set of server-based resources (e.g. CPU, Memory, and Storage) as a target for the deployment of one or more SharePoint 2010 Farms.  These resources are, however, no longer limited to physical servers, but are […]

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SharePoint FAST 2010

Search is one of the most compelling features of a true enterprise SharePoint deployment.  In the last 6 months, our clients have expressed more and more interest in looking across the entire spectrum of search options available with SharePoint.  The question normally asked: SharePoint or FAST?  In some cases, the choice is clear.  Large document volume […]

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Document Previews and Thumbnails using SharePoint FAST 2010

More organizations are investing greater portions of their Intranet deployment budget on improved search functionalities.  Within the SharePoint 2010 product stack, the FAST for SharePoint option provides a whole host of enterprise search capabilities.  FAST for SharePoint not only supports more robust search results but more visual results including visual “previews”.   In the case of […]

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Portal Adoption and SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 sales are at record levels.  But, its important to keep in mind that Sales <> Usage. Many times, portal deployments result in less than expected usage.  The shiny new intranet portal or collaboration site is launched with great fanfare, usage is high the first few days/weeks and then suffers a precipitous decline.  I’ve seen this on all […]

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In Place or Not – How To Move To SharePoint 2010

Enough time has passed since the release of SharePoint 2010 that a growing number of organizations with WSS 3 and MOSS 2007 deployments are taking a hard look at when and how to move to the new platform.  I’m getting more and more questions on this subject. Upgrading from earlier versions of the platform TO WSS 3 […]

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