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Providers Use of Telehealth and Social Media [Video]

In the health IT world there is a lot of focus on meaningful use. Some are concerned that these discussions are diverting attention away from innovation as a result. Worry not. At the HIMSS conference this year, Perficient interviewed Ken Dean, VP and CIO at Chesapeake Regional Medical Center. Ken agreed that many of the […]

Health Information Exchange as a Foundation for Change VIDEO Interview with Brian Ahier

We spoke with Brian Ahier (@ahier), Health IT Evangelist, Mid-Columbia Medical Center about Health Information Exchange (HIE) at HIMSS11. The healthcare industry is changing rapidly, and Brian sees HIE as a foundational technology for the changes we need to see accomplished in the coming years. Although HIE is important to the future of healthcare technology, […]

Perficient Interviews Jim Weeks, VP of Information Systems at Yale New Haven Health Systems

During our interview with Jim Weeks (@jimmyweeks), VP of Information Systems at Yale New Have Health Systems, he highlighted the rapid change occuring in healthcare technology and outlined the compelling trends in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Cloud Computing. Jim found the trend of “a lot fewer pocket protectors and a lot more stethoscopes at […]

Healthcare Analytics and Meaningful Use with VIDEO

Perficient interviewed Janice McCallum, Managing Director of Healthcare Content Advisors, at the 2011 HIMSS Conference and Exhibition. Janice spoke of the impact that meaningful use has on healthcare analytics. Meaningful use creates the infrastructure and content that allow for increased use of business intelligence in healthcare settings. EHRs dramatically increase both the volume and integrity […]

Accountable Care: The Next Generation in Healthcare Delivery

“Accountable Care Organization” (ACO) was a popular buzz word at HIMSS 2011, which is concluding right now in Orlando, FL. What is an ACO? An ACO is a network of doctors and hospitals that shares responsibility for providing care to patients. Under the new law, ACOs would agree to manage all of the health care […]

How Social Media is Booming at HIMSS 2011

Perficient Interviews HIMSS 2011 Social Media Center Managers, Cesar Torres and Cari McLean of HIMSS, to talk about this year’s social media trends at the conference, Twitter, hash tags, and tips for getting started in social media. How are you using social media in your healthcare IT or enterprise technology career?

Healthcare Analytics Come of Age at HIMSS 2011…Sorta

Looking through the sessions at HIMSS 2011, one can see a wide range of topics related to business intelligence and analytics. From different uses for BI to different types of presentation vehicles to the potential of use predictive analytics, one will not be at a loss for finding something analytics related to sink their teeth […]

Is Tokenization the solution for Protected Healthcare Information (PHI)?

One of my favorite things about the yearly HIMSS conference are the discussions that occur around new ways the healthcare technology community is dealing with the issues that arise as a result of increased innovation. With medical identity theft looming, issues of the transmission of personal healthcare information over the Internet or the desire to […]

HIMSS & Health Information Exchange

Another hot topic at this year’s HIMSS conference is Health Information Exchange. With the advent of healthcare reform and the passage of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA), healthcare systems and state and local government agencies are being confronted on how to exchange health information to those who can impact the delivery of care […]

Experts at HIMSS 2011 Discuss Social Media Use for Providers

I attended the “Meet the Bloggers-Provider Edition” session yesterday at HIMSS 2011 where the goal was to understand the experiences of providers with social media. Rich Elmore (@richelmore and @allscripts), VP of Strategic Initiatives at Allscripts moderated the panel. His blog is Healthcare Technology News. The panelists included David Kibbe, Senior Advisor at the American […]

Increased Focus on Governance at HIMSS 2011

As I look over the various sessions and presentations for the 2011 HIMSS conference, I’m excited to see an increased focus on data governance as a topic. At the same time, I ask myself “is it enough?” Data governance in healthcare (especially in the provider space), has often been a neglected and forgotten critical component […]

3 Reasons for using a Managed Private Cloud for Interoperability

Cloud computing is a popular topic in IT circles today, and with this year’s Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS, the cloud’s impact on Interoperability will be an interesting topic of discussion. In healthcare circles, cloud computing conjures up fears for protecting private healthcare information and security concerns. There is a business case for a special type […]

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