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Give me agility or give me death!

Today’s enterprise application ecosystems have evolved over an extended period of time, often resulting in fragmented, disjointed application portfolios and systems. IT is responsible for maintenance of existing business applications, functionality and infrastructure that supports current daily operations while at the same time must address the evolution of future business needs. In order to meet […]

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Protecting patient data

As our healthcare systems become increasing connected and interdependent, protecting the privacy and integrity of patient data is critical. As health information exchanges (HIE), regional HIEs (RHIE) and health information service providers (HISP) become more prevalent, the importance of following best practices implementing security for the exchanging of data with external partners should be a […]

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Interoperability Infrastructures: Enabling healthcare quality measures

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry is going through a tremendous paradigm shift in an attempt to get a grasp on rising costs and inefficiencies. From ACOs, pay for performance, Meaningful Use, quality measures and patient access to electronic health records the fundamental enabler to deliver on this vision is an effective interoperability […]

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