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  1. Jim
    April 26, 2012

    I am attempting to do exactly what you are describing, I have a custom property on a Resource Environment Provide in WPS and I am attempting to access the value (dev/prod etc.) in the Spring config.

    You say this “While it is possible to bind your code directly to the fetches to the Resource Environment Provider” but do not say how.

    Also, you define your config as follows:

    The settings for your name and value references are unclear to me however. For Me the name of resource environment provider is VPResourceEnvironmentProvider, that I get…does the value of the NAME on that bean have any signifigance ? I do not see it referenced. Also when you access the property value, which for you is “administratorsEmailAddress” for me it is simply “env” but what ties this bean entry to the provider you gave above ? What ties the two together ? They do not seem to reference each other. What role does WebSphereResourceEnvironmentProviderPlaceHolderConfigurer play ? Your xml does not refer to it in any way …

  2. Jim
    April 26, 2012

    It left out the xml that I had included … but you can reference it in the original post.

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