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Spring boot with Java API Client to Build and Execute Queries in Elasticsearch.

Spring boot with ES Java API Client to Build and Execute Queries in Elasticsearch. Prerequisites: Knowledge in Java, Spring boot, Elasticsearch, Kibana. Concept: The purpose of this blog is to present an idea for connecting, constructing queries, and querying Elasticsearch through Java applications. What is Elasticsearch? Elasticsearch is a distributed, free and open search and […]

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Introduction to Spring Framework for Java

Introduction to Spring Framework for Java This article walks through the basics of using Spring Framework for Java. From a very, very high level point of view, Spring Framework infers a program’s runtime behavior from labels that the programmer attaches to pieces of code. There are many different groupings of labels, and each grouping of […]

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Spring Around at the Speed of Sound: Using Springboot to Jumpstart Middleware

Introduction In our last post, we described the architecture for Handshake, Perficient’s Search Connector Framework. In this post, we’ll be diving into Spring and Springboot, the backbone of the Handshake application. Other colleagues have written great resources for to help get started with Spring. In this post, we discuss common use cases for Spring, when […]

Design, Develop and Deploy APIs with SwaggerHub and Spring

Introduction SwaggerHub is an integrated API Development platform, built for teams, that brings the core capabilities of the Swagger framework to design, build, document and deploy APIs. Description SwaggerHub provides a UI based API development platform, which can be used by both Business Analysts and Developers. The analyst can design the REST API’s strictly from a […]

Spring Cleaning in the Cloud (Part 2)

We’re now more than a week into Spring and the end of March has arrived, putting us at three months into 2016. As we move deeper into our Spring Cleaning routine, some of us will find interesting items. I know I sometimes find old receipts, used plane tickets, and the occasional USB cable I misplaced. […]

Interpreting Spring form tags

Spring MVC provides tags for handling form elements when using JSP. Each spring form tag will generate HTML tags at runtime. These tags provide support for the set of attributes of its corresponding HTML tag. This blog provides a quick reference of how to interpret some of these commonly used spring form tags and understand […]

Using Spring Portlet MVC framework in WebSphere Portal

Spring provides a flexible Portlet MVC framework. By using it in our WebSphere portal application development, we benefited not only from the Portlet MVC framework itself, but also from other features such as IoC supported by Spring. In this post I would like to share a problem we faced when integrating Spring Portlet MVC framework […]

Using WPS style Resource Environment Providers with Spring

Generally a problem most projects face is how to handle configuration information that varies between environments.  Many times you can handle this by using one of WAS built in resources such as a SMTP server or a JDBC connection pool.  However many times the configuration data won’t fit one of these existing WAS resource types, […]

Using WPS style Resource Environment Providers with Spring

Lee Burch, one of our extremely talented architects, gave me a writeup on “Using WPS style Resource Environment Providers with Spring”  He wanted to know where to post something like this and of course, my first thought is this blog.  His justification for posting this is that while it’s a common use case in the […]