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SharePoint 2010: Converting an Existing Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service to Run on SharePoint 2010

Scenario You have this Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service that runs on plain old vanilla Internet Information Services (IIS). Somewhere along the line, you want to convert this service to run on SharePoint. You’d like to achieve this conversion with a minimal amount of effort because you’re basically inserting another layer into the stack which […]

Business Connectivity Services: Entity Associations across Line of Business Systems

Here’s the scenario: you’ve got two Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services that return related data. For instance, let one of them be a service that returns People and let the other be a service that returns Documents. Every Document was authored by one or more Person. Since these services are separate Line of Business (LOB) […]

Business Connectivity Services: Multiple Bindings from a Single Windows Communication Foundation Service

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I’d be clever, or at least act with forethought, and create the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service I was working on as four separate interfaces all implemented by the same class.The interfaces would be segmented out by the types that they returned.This would make understanding the code easier […]

Business Connectivity Services: AttachmentAccessor Associations Using Windows Communication Foundation from Line of Business Systems

I’m working on a project where a client has a couple of Line of Business (LOB) systems that need to be connected to SharePoint 2010.We’re using Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to integrate them with SharePoint.For extensibility and maintainability reasons, we’re using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) to connect to the LOB systems, which usually involve some […]