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A Few Words About Words: Writing and Managing Microcopy

It goes by different names – microcopy, interface copy, and UX writing, to name a few. It’s the text that guides your customers through interactions with your site or app, and it often gets a lot less attention than the bigger pieces of information that we usually think of when we say “content.” But form […]

But How Do It Know? Dissecting Regular Expressions

To truly understand regular expressions, you have to actually use them. A lot of people who use regular expressions (regex) don’t care to understand how they work; they just Google one that looks like it might work for them, throw it in there, and hope for the best. I don’t know how it works, it […]

The Magic of RegEx: An Intro to Regular Expressions

Despite its bad rap and its esoteric nature, the black-magic voodoo science of regular expressions intrigues me. Few things in web development grip me like regex does. And somehow, like magic, like the magic of regex itself; I become “the regex guy.” Weekly, sometimes daily, I get asked to help write a regex. I, of […]

So You’ve Got Bugs, Huh?

Whenever you write JavaScript, you’re risking creating bugs. The risk of bugs increases proportionally as the amount of code and code complexity increases. There are ways to avoid bugs; I recommend ESLint, JSHint, or a language extension such as TypeScript to help reduce the introduction of bugs into your codebase. This post isn’t meant to […]

Detecting the Use of a Touch Screen

Here’s a fun one: Ever have some UI/UX interaction that needed to be one thing for mouses and another thing for touch devices? Ever used Modernizr? If you have, you may be familiar with this gem: Warning: Indicates if the browser supports the Touch Events spec, and does not necessarily reflect a touchscreen device You […]

Reusable Components for a CMS, Using the Revealing Module Pattern

Before we get started, I recommend reading about the revealing module pattern and closure, if you’re not already familiar with them. When you are building components for use in a CMS, it’s important to understand that you have less control over the use of these components than you may initially think. Programming these blocks in such […]

Using BEM-Style CSS Syntax in SCSS

Modular component styles are becoming significantly important in modern UI trends. Handling scalability while decreasing naming convention differences is a necessary step towards code cohesion. Disclaimer: I use a slightly modified flavor of BEM syntax, feel free to use traditional BEM, or some other flavor of your own. When developing UI components, specifically for use […]

Abstracting the UI Layer

Last month at the IBM Digital Experience Conference, Shyam Sunter, a Perficient Technical Solution Architect, and I presented on a method for abstracting the user interface code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) out of WebSphere Portal. A key part of this presentation was going over why this abstraction was important.. It’s of my opinion, that abstracting […]