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Writing Testable Python Objects in Databricks

I’ve been writing about Test-Driven Development in Databricks and some of the interesting issues that you can run into with Python objects. It’s always been my opinion that code that is not testable is detestable. Admittedly, its been very difficult getting to where I wanted to be with Databricks and TDD. Unfortunately, it’s hard to […]

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Test Driven Development with Databricks

I don’t like testing Databricks notebooks and that’s a problem. I like Databricks. I like Test Driven Development. Not in an evangelical; 100% code coverage or fail kind of way. I just find that a reasonable amount of code coverage gives me a reasonable amount of confidence. Databricks has documentation for unit testing. I tried […]

Mocking HTTP Clients in AEM Projects

The first thing I learned as an AEM developer was mvn clean install -P autoInstallBundle. The second thing was how to debug a remote Java process. The first allowed me to deploy updates I made to the bundle. The second allowed me to step through and debug the code. This was the normal cadence. Since […]

Invest in Virtualization to Improve Software Development

If you are working in the area of software development, you’ve probably run into a situation where one layer of service was ready but another wasn’t, either due to more time taken for higher complexity of implementation or something else. Traditionally, in such cases the layer of service – which was already built – would […]

Testing Sitecore With Test Driven Code

Testing is a necessary difficulty that we all must endure. The practice of Test Driven Development (TDD) doesn’t always make testing easier but I firmly believe it makes the development of software more predictable and reliable. Throughout my career I’ve been a part of many teams, both those disciplined in good testing practices and others […]

Old habits die hard: the importance of testing

A colleague of mine asked a question on an internal forum today about a web-based Scrum tool. This isn’t an advertisement for any tool, so I’ll not mention the name. (Also, as anyone I’ve trained in Scrum will attest, I recommend a white board and sticky notes as the primary tracking tool whenever possible, even […]

Quality driven testing principles

I’ve been exposed to Agile/Scrum for a while and recently I tried to summarize some testing principles which are all concerned with quality. Test Driven Test cases and unit test will be developed prior to coding any lines Unit test will be required to ensure the quality of the refactoring Test Early Deliverables in each […]

Single source test data

Most people might not think test data preparation is important in software engineering. However it becomes an improvement area as more and more companies start to apply TDD (test driven development) now. Managing test data differently may impact your project more than you think. First, let’s look at a question many developers might have:  How […]