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Web Part Inventory in Minutes (SharePoint 2007/SharePoint 2010)

There may be a number of reasons why you or your organization may want to understand the impact a particular web part may have on the SharePoint farm. The information will allow you to understand the scope of sites that may be affected from a web part perspective.This information may be helpful in the following […]

Upgrading CustomRouter to SharePoint 2010

Recently I was working on upgrading a custom router from SharePoint 2007 to 2010. This blog points out some of the deprecated methods and provides details on the new methods replacing it. In SharePoint 2007, IRouter interface provided the definition for the method OnSubmitFile. The OnSubmitFile allows users to process and route documents that are […]

SharePoint 2007 Permissions –Creating Permissions for New Sites

SharePoint 2007 Permissions –Creating Permissions for New Sites Introduction Managing SharePoint permissions can be a tricky subject to fully grasp.On one hand, the ease of point and clicking your way to adding users to sites, lists, and even list items is quite easy to do perform in SharePoint 2007.On the other hand, understanding the implications […]

Modifying Managed Properties

I’ve been working on a SharePoint 2007 Search project using BDC lately and one of the things that bit me was trying to make a change to a managed property.The change could be due to a misspelling of the property name or the mapping to the crawled property.You’ll find the Managed Properties in Central Administration […]

Personalize Your Publishing Console

Wouldn’t it be nice in SharePoint 2007 if we could put our own buttons into the publishing menu?We can…it just takes a few steps.The steps taken are determined by the master page that is used.If you are using default.master, you will need to create a delegate control.There are plenty of examples for adding your own […]

Visual Web Parts in SharePoint 2007

Level: Beginner One of the new features of SharePoint 2010 is Visual Web Parts. However, this approach is really not that new. Developers, including myself, have been using this technique since we first started to develop SharePoint 2007 web parts. The idea is simple: create an ASP.NET user control and wrap it in SharePoint web […]

Add a top left company logo and link to SharePoint 2007 sites with CSS

It is very common for websites to have a company logo near the top left corner of the page that links to the home page of the site. We’ll look at how to use CSS to create this element on all MOSS pages of a site. The best part about this method is that the […]