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Circumventing Apple’s New iOS Safari 11 Tracking Changes

Apple dropped a bomb on search engine marketing teams recently with the announcement of their Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) for the iOS 11 update. Apple is changing how third-party cookies are now handled on mobile Safari, essentially disallowing third-party cookie targeting after just one day. This significantly (and negatively) affects the ability to target iOS […]

Cross-Device Retargeting Now Available in Adwords

With the rise in tablet and mobile device use over the past few years, marketers have been battling the difficult task of tracking individual users across devices. Understanding the impact of one’s ads on a mobile device when users regularly switch over to desktops to complete purchases is nearly impossible. However, as mobile phones become […]

Bing Ads Now Offering Remarketing Audiences!

I’ve posted many articles about utilizing remarketing audiences to improve your Adwords account including How to Increase Adwords PPC Bids for Past Visitors to Your Site and my recent post on How to Improve Adwords Metrics with Audience Targeting. I have always lamented that Bing Ads doesn’t offer the same targeting abilities to reach past […]

Strange View-Through Conversion Data in AdWords

Written by Jay Ratkowski So I noticed an odd trend with a client: As much as I’d like to believe my amazing remarketing ads generated an 27% view-through rate, it doesn’t quite match up with the fact that this is 500% more view-throughs than they had actual conversions (in this case, ecomm transactions, through all mediums).