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Bing Ads Now Offering Remarketing Audiences!

I’ve posted many articles about utilizing remarketing audiences to improve your Adwords account including How to Increase Adwords PPC Bids for Past Visitors to Your Site and my recent post on How to Improve Adwords Metrics with Audience Targeting. I have always lamented that Bing Ads doesn’t offer the same targeting abilities to reach past visitors. Well, that’s all changed! Bing Ads now offers remarketing!
It sounds like this may not be available in all accounts yet, as it rolls out, however I have been able to start using it in at least one of my own accounts. If you’re already using the Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag on your site, you’re already set up for tracking and can begin using the remarketing audiences in your PPC campaigns as soon as they’re available for you.
This is very exciting because remarketing audiences are a great way to target your ads towards a more qualified audience. You can spend your budget on people that are more likely to convert. Google has been offering this for years and most advertisers typically see higher click-through rates and conversion rates for remarketing audiences.
More information on setup instructions can be found here.

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