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Get Updated on Drupal 8 from Acquia

Tomorrow, 3/30, there is a webinar that promises to educate you on the 42 most important features of Drupal 8 in 42 minutes. If correct, this is a very efficient way to get the highlights from a major release. I appreciate that type of velocity. For those of you not familiar with Acquia, it is a commercial […]

What Skills Should Developers Invest In?

What Skills Should Developers Invest In?

Technical professionals are constantly refining their development skills to for both their own personal and professional advancement, and also to produce the best possible product for the end user. But how does a developer decide where to invest time and money in developing their skills? David Tucker, VP of Technology at Universal Mind, recently compiled a list of the 10 areas he feels […]

HTML Prototyping – JEKYLL!

One of the daily & major tasks of a front end developer is to write HTML prototyping. And when it comes to writing reusable, editable and modularized html for a large enterprise application, we are often lost as to where the different fragments of code are and a small change made to a div classname […]