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Mitigation Plan: Preparation Tips for Time-off

Have you ever suddenly found that a person you depend on for a project is out on vacation? No matter your role on a team, a mitigation plan can be an ideal way to capture your expectations when it is your turn to take vacation.  Your plan can provide guidance for how to handle certain […]

An Issue Cannot Become a Risk

Can an issue be a risk? Risk vs Issue : Everyone knows that a risk is an uncertain event that hasn’t happened yet has some probability of occurring in the future. An issue is an event that has already happened. Why Risk? Risk empowers us to think proactively and gives the opportunities to develop the […]

Why Monitoring Adverse Events And Drug Safety Signals Matters

It takes an average of 10 to 15 years and $2.6 billion for a drug to reach pharmacy shelves. While there are many steps in the process that contribute to this lengthy timeline and cost, no aspect of the process is more critical than proving the safety of a drug. Since a patient’s health is […]