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Accelerate and Scale your Event Driven Architecture with GridGain

Are you looking for a way to accelerate and scale your Event Driven Architecture in the cloud? GridGain is here to help. GridGain, built on top of Apache Ignite, is a comprehensive in-memory computing platform that provides distributed caching, messaging, and compute capabilities, with enterprise-grade support. With its performance capabilities, it can increase the overall […]


Leveraging MuleSoft’s API Led Connectivity and Event-Driven Architecture with Solace

Organizations today are going into a rapid digital transformation. With MuleSoft’s API Led connectivity approach, the integration strategy of the enterprises is now going towards more reusability with quicker deliverables of projects through discovery, self-service, and reusability. But what if we mix the flavor of Event Driven Architecture also into the Enterprise’s Integration Strategy? With this blog, […]

Dependency Injection

Introduction to Event Driven Microservices

In the world of software development, microservice architecture is one of the most frequently discussed subjects. You’ll learn what Microservices are in this blog.   What is a Microservice? Many Large-Scale Software Projects Employ the architectural approach known as a Microservice System. Efficiency, dependability, performance, and scalability are to be increased. A single application can […]

Event Processing and Predictive Analytics

II had a conversation with a product manager for a product labeled Complex Event Processing (CEP) but when I looked at the actual product implementation I asked why the product was labeled CEP versus Event Stream Processing (ESP). The product uses continuous queries and does not support Event Condition Action (ECA) rules. They responded that […]