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Check Out the Newest Enhancements in React JS 17

While there aren’t too many things to highlight in the new React JS 17 release, there are a few new high-sway enhancements to the React JS Core. The Newest Enhancements The compilation method for React JS is the most interesting improvement. Let’s look at the compiled code of JSX in a component that uses an […]

Video: 8 Ways to Crank up your Sitecore Authoring and Marketing Experience

Whether you are launching a new Sitecore XP environment in the next few months or are wanting to enhance your authoring and marketing experience, this video should be a whistle stop on your enhancements campaign tour. Originally this content was to be presented live in Budapest at SUGCON 2020 but then, well, you know. Like […]

All You Need to Know About Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

At last month’s Adobe Summit, Adobe officially unveiled and introduced the next generation of Adobe Experience Manager, AEM 6.3. There are a lot new and exciting things that the community is looking forward to in this new version. And this year, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Adobe AEM Beta Program […]