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Ai New Age Digital Brain Chip Concept

Leveraging ChatGPT For Professionals: Part 1

In this series, we break down how professionals can leverage ChatGPT. This part 1 breaks down how to use it for writing and indicates for each example how well it works for both the free and paid versions. Writing Content By far the most common use case, generating human-like text expressing complex ideas and information […]

Every Word is an Opportunity—Let your Brand Speak for Itself

From billboards and videos to banner ads and email, every time you talk to your customers is an opportunity to further your brand. Even the error messages on your website can be crafted to fit your style. But to do it right, the first step is to establish your brand’s tone of voice. This is […]

A Few Words About Words: Writing and Managing Microcopy

It goes by different names – microcopy, interface copy, and UX writing, to name a few. It’s the text that guides your customers through interactions with your site or app, and it often gets a lot less attention than the bigger pieces of information that we usually think of when we say “content.” But form […]

Your Mobile App Needs a Writer

So, you’ve decided that you need a native mobile app. When you’re building the team to create this app, you know you need a designer, a UX architect, someone to manage the project, and the engineers to build it. That’s it, right? Not quite! I can tell you from experience that having a writer on […]

A Copy Intern’s First Thoughts: Learning to Write for Web

Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015 A month and a half ago, I walked up to the big glass door of Enlights (now Perficient Digital) and as I would continue to do, didn’t realize it was a pull instead of a push. I was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed intern. I felt ready to […]

Don’t Fall for Poor Quality Content Marketing

Written by Jay Ratkowski If you printed every blog post about content strategy, you could build a paper stairway to the moon.  Unfortunately, most of these posts simply advocate creating bulk content and are extremely thin on the strategy aspect.  What’s worse, is there is an abundance of content marketers trying to make a rather questionable […]

How To Become A Copywriter

Perhaps you were like me…an advertising major in college with high hopes that a job would follow soon after graduation. Well, in a perfect world that would happen, but in our world (you know, reality?) it’s time to plan ahead. Here are a few tips and tricks on what can help you get your advertising […]

Tone versus Voice

When developing a brand’s identity (which should take into account both written and visual communication), it’s important to establish the brand’s voice and tone. What’s the difference between voice and tone? Glad you asked. The voice is like the “personality.” It helps define who the brand is. It is distinct and helps set you apart […]

User Experience and Plain Language – Again

In relation to my previous posts about Apple’s iCloud and syncing capabilites, I came across an article on Poor Copywriting. How surprised I was to find this picture: When I think about all of the syncing anxiety I’ve had with Apple’s failed MobileMe product across devices and channeled through the cloud – I realize that it’s […]