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That Time I Had My Emotions Sensed Live at Connected Health 2016

I have lots of fun times at the Connected Health Symposium, but this year was extra special. Part of the reason was because when the moderator of “Emotion Sensing – The Next Big Trend?” asked “Would anyone like to volunteer to have their emotions sensed and documented for all to see?” my hand shot up […]

Connected Health 16: The Glass Brain Blew My Mind

As mentioned by my colleague, Juliet Silver, last week we had the good fortune of collecting in Boston for the annual Connected Health Symposium. This event takes place each October, and I learn more in the two days of the symposium than I do all year round. Now that I am on home turf, I […]

How to Create Habit-Forming Technology Solutions

Last week, I was at the Connected Health Symposium in Boston. It is with great pleasure that I relay what I was taught during my favorite session by Nir Eyal author of “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products”. We know that mobile devices change our day-to-day behavior, but why are mobile devices so good at […]

Personalized Prevention the Next Generation

I work with a number of healthcare clients that work to enable patients around the topic of preventive medicine. They offer valuable information on their public website and portal. They also venture out into the world of social media with the mission of increasing care, and reducing costs, through ensuring that disease stops before it […]

You talkin’ to me? Patients & Shared Decision Making

Even the most motivated patients do not always know how to better their health. The journey through personal health can be one wrought with anxiety and intimidation. The messaging is not always clear, and the direction provided by clinicians is not always easily understood. So, in a healthcare industry that is welcoming patients into the […]

Collecting Data from the Every Day Lives of Patients

At the Connected Health Symposium last week I attended a session entitled “Listening in the Moment: Project HealthDesign Opens the Window on the Every-day Lives of Patients” by leading healthcare informaticist Patricia Flatley Brennan, RN, PhD (@pattifbrennan). She presented information collected by Project HealthDesign with regard to the unstructured data patients collect about their health. […]

Patient Self Tracking: From Skinny Jeans to Mobile Health

At the Connected Health Symposium in Boston I attended a session entitled “The ‘e’ is for Engagement: the Latest Research on the e-Patient Revolution” led by Susannah Fox (@SusannahFox). At this event, Susannah released new patient self tracking research for the first time. The results of her research showed that: 60% of adults track their […]

2011 Connected Health Symposium: Meeting Patients Half Way Reduces Costs

Here at the Connected Health Symposium the showroom floor is atwitter with conversations around patient engagement. Everyone is discussing ways to best engage patients and, not surprisingly, what the price tag of such ambitious efforts will amount to. I am confronted with enthusiastic smiles when I point to data that shows that engaging patients actually […]

Connected Health 2011: Sending Your Avatar to the Doctor Instead of You

The rapidly shifting role of patients within the care model has resulted in demand for easier access to healthcare professionals. Innovations in social media and collaborative technologies provide healthcare organizations with the ability to disperse information quickly and appeal to individuals who are seeking cost-effective healthcare services, especially in remote or rural communities. There are […]

Connected Health Symposium 2011 Trend Watch

The 2011 Connected Health Symposium is only days away. Our team will be in Boston for the October 20-21 event. This is an exciting time for patient engagement. We are witnessing a transformation in the role of the patient within the care model. This event promises to be a great opportunity to share innovative ideas […]