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Ccf Messages Contentspots@1x

Guide: Trigger CCF messages from elements in Content Spots

Score’s CCF (Component Communication Framework) allows Content Authors to use rendering parameters to easily control how components communicate with each other. For example, we can set the Button component to fire a CCF message when it is clicked.   But what if the button is inside a Content Spot? Can it still send and receive […]

Duplicate vs Copying: What’s the Difference?

I’m going to tackle another common Sitecore Author training question regarding the duplicate and copying commands in Sitecore. Many new authors have used these features trying to save some time, only to be confused when their pages don’t seem to work in the way they thought. In this post, I’ll explain why this feature can […]

Sitecore Developers: Get To Know Your Content Authors

It’s no secret that I love working with and designing great content authoring experiences in Sitecore. While I’ve talked extensively about the technical considerations of designing for the Sitecore Experience Editor, considerations for a quality content authoring experience actually begins by understanding who your content authors will be. When developing components for use in the […]


AEM Component Placeholders the WCM Core Component Way

I love the idea of the ACS WCM Core components. A quality set of base components for us to base our work on and especially featuring the latest tools and techniques? Awesome! Clearly, I’m not the only one too! Here’s a neat trick I picked up from the WCM Core Components, they make it really […]

Tips involving using Images in Sitecore 8 to help Content Authors

This blog will discuss some tips and tricks concerning the use of images with Sitecore which are important for content authors, especially those who may be having trouble getting their image to appear on their pages. The path to an image is important because it is how the image is found on an HTML page […]

IBM WCM Offers New Content Authoring Homepage

By far one of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is how hard it is to author and manage content.  There’s so much you can do to improve the authoring experience but it all starts with what the vendor provides.  Last month, IBM release a new content authoring homepage to the Solutions Catalog.  For […]