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Centene’s Financial Transformation Journey: A OneStream Success Story [Webinar]

Centene, a large multi-line managed care organization, was looking to modernize and streamline its corporate performance management (CPM) applications. Centene had to move data between platforms multiple times during the close process so that close data could be fully consolidated and made available for reporting. This process had numerous challenges and inefficiencies that Centene wished […]

Digital Transformation

Mass Delete Members in OneStream XF

During one of my previous projects, we needed to delete approximately 200 accounts that were distributed throughout a large Account dimension. This blog discusses how we solved it. One approach would have been to delete each account one time. Obviously, that wasn’t appealing as it is time-consuming and can be prone to error.  Another approach […]

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OneStream is offering a 50% discount in June for virtual public training courses

In January 2019, Perficient delivered our first OneStream Application Build for Administrators course. Since then, countless students have trained at our facility in Houston, TX featuring state of the art student personal computers with dual monitors, USB charging outlets and HD projection screens. If you’ve ever considered taking this OneStream course, but couldn’t find the […]

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Using Drill Back Types to Display Content in OneStream – Web URL

Drill back is a key function in OneStream that allows end users to have a visual representation of their source data. Direct Integration Connectors make it possible to directly connect to source GLs such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, or SAP. Listed below are different drill back types: Data Grid Text Message Web URL File Viewer File […]

AI Ethics have been agreed upon in the EU

Using Windows PowerShell to Kick Off a OneStream Data Management Job

Windows PowerShell is a shell scripting language often used in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler for the automation of tasks and activities. Being able to automate tasks takes one more thing off an end-user’s plate. In this article, we will explore how to use Windows PowerShell to execute a data management job from OneStream. Data […]

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Integrating AWS S3 and Windows PowerShell to Download and Rename Files

Nowadays, many companies are migrating their data to a cloud storage solution rather than on a physical server. Utilizing the cloud has been an increasingly popular solution over the past few years. The advantages of using cloud storage over physical storage include cost-effectivity, always-on availability, increased security, increased mobility, and more. One popular cloud solution […]

AI adoption allows employees and AI to co-exist

Multiple Options to Drill-Back with OneStream

OneStream’s drill-back feature is a very flexible and powerful capability that helps OneStream differentiate itself from its competitors. OneStream provides flexibility to drill back to a variety of different platforms and data sources. Just in the past year, Perficient has implemented drill-back functionality for a multitude of clients and to a variety of data sources […]

Building Basic Dashboards in OneStream XF

The purpose of this blog is to educate OneStream Software customers and consultants in the art of building dashboards. This blog provides a basic example of how to create a cube view based dashboard. This type of dashboard allows end-users the flexibility to select new drivers/variables on the fly with the click of a button. […]

Three Fatal Fallacies - How to Maximize the Value of OCM

Focus on Change That Brings Value

This blog is part of a series, if you are just now joining us, we suggest you go catch up on what you’ve missed! In our previous post, we reviewed the solutions to period-close management. In this installment of the series, we will focus on changes and tools that can help bring value to your […]

Solutions to Period-Close Management

In our previous post, we looked at the challenges in managing the period-close process and their implications in finance organizations. In this post, we will review some solutions to period-close management. We will go on to examine the benefits of automated management tools over manual, and the use of real-time reporting tools. Period-Close Core to […]

Paycheck Protection Program

Period-Close Management

In our previous post, Solutions to Periodic Reconciliations, Part 1 we identified solutions to help streamline the reconciliations process to better equip your accounting team. In this post, we will review some of the challenges in managing the period close and how they impact the accounting and finance organizations. We will then review some of […]

How to Eliminate Intercompany Errors with AGIS

Solutions to Periodic Reconciliations, Part 2

In our previous post, Solutions to Periodic Reconciliations, Part 1, we identified some solutions to help streamline the reconciliations process to better equip your accounting team. In this post, we will explore some of the new tools that can be a time saver when reconciliation has the same reconciliation components period over period. Streamlined Processing […]

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