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A Primer on Organizational Change Management

There’s a lot to consider when implementing Microsoft Office 365 (O365) – be it one application or the entire suite. Often, the last thing organizations think about is the impact on the users. Yet they are your most valuable asset, and their adoption can drive true value and impact across the entire organization. The content […]

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Core Components of Microsoft Teams – Part 2 – Azure AD

Welcome back to part 2 of the “Core Components of Microsoft Teams” blog series! This time we’ll be discussing what Azure AD is and how it relates to Microsoft Teams. What is Azure Active Directory (AAD)? Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft’s multi-tenant , cloud based directory and identity management service. Azure AD combines the […]

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Core Components of Microsoft Teams – Part 1 – Architecture

Welcome to a new blog series on Microsoft Teams! In this series we’ll be covering all core components as it relates to Microsoft Teams. Specifically, in this first article we’ll discuss the architecture of Teams as this will lay the foundation for the next 4 articles in this series. In the next few articles we’ll […]

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Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams (2019) – Part 6

Welcome back to the last blog in the “Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams” series! Last time we talked about the process of connecting to Office 365 over the internet. In this article, we’ll discuss  peering, QoS, and some tools to assist you in planning your network for Microsoft Teams. So without further ado let’s […]

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Power BI + Azure Data Lake = Velocity & Scale to Your Analytics

Context – Bring data together from various web, cloud and on-premise data sources and rapidly drive insights. The biggest challenge Business Analysts and BI developers have is the need to ingest and process medium to large data sets on a regular basis. They spend the most time gathering the data rather than analyzing the data. […]

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Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams (2019) – Part 5

Welcome back to part 5 of the “Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams” blog series! Last time we talked about the different types of media flows in Microsoft Teams and how they work. This time, we’ll be breaking down the Office 365 network and how your users connect to the cloud over the internet. Connecting […]

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Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams (2019) – Part 4

Welcome back to part 4 of “Planning Your Network in Microsoft Teams” blog series. Last time we talked about the anatomy of a Teams call as well as some of the network impairments that can severely impact your call quality. Now that you have a good understanding of that, it is time to move on […]

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Enterprise Analytics with Perficient, MicroStrategy & Microsoft

MicroStrategy 2019 officially kicked off this week with some major announcements. Several of these offer new and exciting opportunities for enterprises to leverage business intelligence and analytics in truly transformative ways. Kicking things off on Tuesday, Perficient was proud to be named MicroStrategy’s 2019 North America Partner of the Year. The award recognizes our team’s […]

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Power BI: Power up your Analytics and Empower your Teams

Power Up your Analytics with Power BI  Power BI is a hosted BI solution on the Microsoft cloud. Its biggest appeal is the ecosystem it comes with.  Microsoft across its  various releases has created a very intuitive product on a robust platform. Its a one stop shop for all analytics needs. Identifying use cases for […]

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Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams (2019) – Part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 of “Planning Your Network in Microsoft Teams” series! Last time, we talked about what real time communications was and the protocols used for media traffic in Microsoft Teams. In this article, we’ll be going a step further and breakdown the anatomy of a media session in Microsoft Teams. Then we’ll […]

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Plan Your Network in Microsoft Teams (2019) – Part 2

Welcome back! Last time we discussed (at a high level) what you will need to consider to implement Teams in your environment. This time, we’ll be taking a deep dive into each of these areas so you can get a full understanding about what is required to ensure a successful implementation. Specifically, we’ll start off […]

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Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Marketers – Email Campaign Basics

Our previous post highlighted the challenges healthcare marketers are facing today. In this post we will highlight how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help healthcare marketers manage the basics of email marketing campaigns. How often do you receive an email with inconsistent spacing, fonts, and other formatting issues? Does it inspire you with confidence when […]

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Upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams – 2019 Edition

With 2019 in full swing you may be curious what Microsoft has in store for their hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams. Well last week Microsoft released some new updates on guidance for upgrading from Skype for Business to Teams. In this blog article, I’ll quickly outline some of the recent updates Microsoft has made to […]

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Managing proxyAddresses in MIM with MIMWAL: A No-Code Approach

The Business Challenge If you were to search for “MIM” and “proxyAddresses” in your favorite search engine, you would be inundated with pages of links. Manipulating contact object proxyAddresses with MIM is a  very common challenge. Solutions vary, but many are based on custom rules extension. Conversely, Most client prefer to implement a simpler infrastructure […]

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Healthcare Marketers

Healthcare marketers today have a lot on their plates. From juggling the demands of traditional community outreach and marketing to exploring ways to educate health consumers about the services your organization provides, the landscape can be rugged with no clear path to success. Further complicating matters, consumers today expect you to know them and offer […]

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MicroStrategy Announces Release of HyperIntelligence Analytics

In a whirlwind of activity that included an executive networking lunch and live webcast, Q&A chat hosted by CMO Marge Breya and a ceremonial ringing of the Nasdaq opening bell, MicroStrategy officially unveiled MicroStrategy 2019 on Monday. Touted as the industry’s first and only enterprise platform for HyperIntelligence, transformational mobility and federated analytics, MicroStrategy 2019 promises […]

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What Does HCL Buying IBM Portal Mean to You?

You may have heard that in December 2018, HCL Technologies agreed to acquire several software assets from IBM, including Lotus Notes, Domino, IBM Portal and IBM Commerce. These have all been long term investments by IBM and have had strong customer support for many years. What many people don’t know is that IBM has been […]

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New Voice Features in Microsoft Teams – December 2018

Happy Holidays! Microsoft has us all on their “nice list” and as a result they have left some gifts under the tree! Those gifts being some exciting new updates for Microsoft Teams! So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get to unwrapping these gifts! New Voice Features! For those of you moving from a legacy PBX […]

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Oracle BI vs Tableau vs Microsoft BI

Introduction OBIEE: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus, also termed as theOBI EE Plus, is Oracle Corporation’s set of business intelligence tools consisting of former Siebel Systems business intelligence and Hyperion Solutions business intelligence offerings. Tableau: Tableau Software is a software that produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence. MSBI (SSRS): This powerful suite is […]

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