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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

How Agile Cuts Development Costs

Continuous deployment and release are key components of the DevOps process, offering technology teams the opportunity to provide customers with the necessary updates and innovations to maintain customer satisfaction and interest. As this process becomes more rushed, organizations have become more interested in solutions that automate the entire process. Having worked with numerous clients, we […]

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Transforming Organizational Culture with IBM Cloud

Over on our Integrate blog, we’ve been discussing the cultural impacts of cloud on an organization as researched by John R. Rymer, et al, of research firm Forrester. Titled Tackling the Cultural Challenges of Agile and DevOps Transformation, the white paper tackles the organizational challenges of adopting DevOps while also exploring salient resolutions. As you […]

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How to Configure a SQL Data Source in Datapower Gateway

The database has become a vital component of any enterprise’s IT structure. Databases continue to provide more and more sophisticated options than versions we have seen in previous years. IBM Datapower gateway is designed to connect to most of the popular databases. In his most recent post, Technical Consultant, Karthik Selvaraj walks you through the steps to […]

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[Video]: Get into the Cloud with the Innovation Lab

As your legacy infrastructure reaches its end-of-life, you might be thinking about what’s next. With so many choices on the market and strategic directions to take, sometimes you might feel like the next step to take is to throw up your hands and just upgrade what you have already. Knowing that your competitors are heading […]

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[Infographic]: The History of Digital Experiences

How customers interact with their favorite brands has evolved over the past half-century. I know for me, the experience has been transformational in my lifetime alone. When I first started paying attention to branding and marketing at a young age, businesses who showed their phone numbers on their advertisements were savvy. Later on, that became […]

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Perficient Speakers at World of Watson 2016

With World of Watson, IBM has expanded its annual data and analytics user conference to encompass cognitive business applications. Perficient is proud to be a sponsor of World of Watson 2016, which is being held October 23-27 in Las Vegas. If you haven’t already registered, there’s still time to secure the pre-conference rate:  If […]

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Perficient takes leading role in SMRP 2016

A premier asset management organization, the Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP), is a nonprofit society formed by practitioners to advance the reliability and physical asset management industry. To provide their 5,000+ members the opportunity to learn, mentor, and network, the SMRP hosts an annual conference. We interviewed Kevin Clark, a member of the […]

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[Free Download]: Leverage Portals for Customer Success

Building unique and memorable customer experiences is important in today’s noisy world. As consumers have more choices than ever and more messages heading their direction, it’s important for brands to develop the appropriate platforms where suggestions, complaints, and conversations can occur naturally and easily. To help organizations understand what’s at stake, we’ve developed our most […]

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Embracing Order Management Technology

The focus on omni-channel order management is growing because more eBusiness professionals see order management systems as the cornerstone to their omnichannel initiatives. Order management systems (OMS) have been around for years and have been heavily adopted by manufacturers (think B2B scenarios) to orchestrate complex order processing scenarios from the point of capture through the supply chain to the point of fulfillment. For […]

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Hybrid Cloud Comes Best Customized

Every organization in every industry comes with a unique set of challenges. On one hand, there are technology professionals don’t need to manage as many complexities for a higher education or retail business while the other side sits financial and healthcare staff wrangling with the day-to-day challenges of regulation and compliance. As more organizations make […]

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