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Perspectives on IBM Technologies, Trends and Topics

DataPower Playground for Gateway Script

XSLT is not the ONLY transformation language supported by DataPower. Starting with the firmware version, DataPower supports a new transformation technology – Gateway Script, to handle all sorts (API, B2B, Web, Mobile, SOA) of traffic effectively. For more information, please review the documentation. IBM provides an interactive website that lets you write Gateway Script code and execute on […]

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IBM Bluemix Ranked As Leading PaaS Platform

Developers have numerous choices when it comes to their technology capabilities. In a technology community, there is always conversation around which solutions are superior and which should be skipped. Thankfully, IBM Bluemix falls in the former category, named as the leading Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). Taken as a survey from […]

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Video: Optimizing Financial Analysis with IBM WebSphere Portal

The financial markets can be a volatile place, swinging with the ups and downs of daily commerce. At Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Risk Analysts examine the impact of markets on the economy daily, sifting through an immense amount of data to formulate conclusions and make recommendations based on their research. As the market has […]

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Everything IBM Customers Need to Know about PVU

In 2006, IBM introduced a new license metrics called Processor Value Unit (PVU). PVU is a unit of measure which streamlines IBM licensing policies and contracts. I’ve found that these changes in IBM licensing jargon and calculations can be very confusing to IBM customers, IBM business partners, and IBM software sellers. Before we deep dive into […]

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Getting Started with IBM Script Portlet

IBM has brought several product innovation and advancement with advent of WebSphere Portal in web-based projects. In particular, IBM has launched a JavaScript based portlet referred as IBM Script Portlet which would facilitate easy portlet development in WebSphere Portal server. Any novice web developer with minimal web development skills like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS can […]

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Get Ready for Fall with Hybrid Cloud

Though it’s still the height of summer and many are still on vacation, Fall is just on the horizon. With students returning to school with more technologies on hand to complement their education and a robust economy signaling higher spending for the holiday season, organizations need to be ready for an increase in traffic and […]

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4 Methods to Increase Your Organization’s Cloud Adoption

On July 20, we organized a webinar around preparing for the future of cloud. Well attended by CIOs, IT Managers, and Executives alike, we shared the principles and trends driving cloud adoption. In the course of our webinars, we also ask questions in between transition slides of our attendees to get a gauge on where […]

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Driving Organizational Resilience with the Cloud

Beyond reaching customers and driving bottom-line revenue, much of the battle for staying competitive today is adjusting to the changing winds of technology. For us at Perficient, it’s all about ensuring our customers understand the benefits and forces driving digital transformation, including that of cloud computing technologies. Whether an organization is choosing to enter the […]

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Win the Gold with Cloud Technologies

Every four years, the world comes together for the Olympics. This global event is an athletic spectacle bringing together humanity for a few weeks to celebrate humanity’s athletic achievements. For me, the Olympics are exciting because I get to watch sports normally not shown on TV and immerse myself in the emotion and pageantry of each […]

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Retail Best Practices with WebSphere Application Server 9

As look at the state of hybrid cloud technology and retail experiences, I reflect on how my buying habits have changed throughout the years. In the past, I would go into a store with the intention of gaining information from a salesperson and make my decision from there. These days, I tend to enter the store […]

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