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5-Phase Approach To Sales Practices Compliance For Banks

Adjusting to the new regulatory environment Recent problems with bank employees opening unauthorized accounts for consumers have focused the regulatory spotlight on sales practices in the industry. The fallout from sales practices problems has been spectacular and well-publicized: Hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and legal costs Destruction of shareholder value Brand and reputational […]

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What Is Blockchain?

In simplest terms, blockchain is a technology that enables value to be transferred using only software; that is, without the need for trusted intermediaries. It is a record-keeping system where transactions are executed, validated, and recorded publicly. Let’s break it down. Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin, the electronic currency. It is not the currency […]

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Helping Clients Understand The Impact Of Their Investment Decisions

Clients are more empowered than ever to make their own informed decisions, which has led to a dramatic shift in their expectations of financial services companies. Clients expect to be provided with the kind of personalized advice, support, and tools they used to only get from their financial advisors. While offering choices is an important […]

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Preparing And Enabling FDIC Part 370 Compliance

The Recordkeeping for Timely Deposit Insurance Determination rule, more commonly referred to as 12 CFR Part 370, or simply Part 370, became effective April 1, 2017. The rule details new recordkeeping and reporting requirements for the largest depository institutions that help ensure prompt payments to consumers in the event of institutional failures. Part 370 generally […]

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5 Ways To Improve The Decision-Making Process For Investors

Financial services institutions have several options when it comes to improving the decision-making process for investors. Reduce options Probably the least-attractive idea for many providers is the notion of limiting the number of options available to clients. Though there are many examples in the manufacturing industry where decreasing the total number of different products in […]

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The Emotional Impact Of Too Much Choice

In his book Paradox of Choice, Dr. Barry Schwartz identifies several key reactions people have when confronted with too much choice. Escalation of expectations – Expectations can be significantly detrimental to one’s ability to be happy with a situation. If you are given only two options, your expectations are going to be fairly low. Regardless […]

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[Guide] Getting Ahead With Blockchain In Financial Services

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you keep hearing that blockchain is the next transformative technology. And while you want to make sure you’re fully informed and in a position to exploit any opportunities this technology could bring to you and your organization, you still don’t fully understand what blockchain means. Moreover, based on […]

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Leveraging UX/UI To Improve Private Equity Outcomes

Had a chance to chat at length with Chris Bernard, director of well-known Chicago digital design agency Truth Labs (now known as Perficient Digital), on the current state of UX/UI and its ability to improve to private equity outcomes. Chris has been directing the Truth team for about a year, tasked with running and growing […]

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More Choice Isn’t Always Better

When 401(k) plans were introduced in the early 1980s, most had only one-to-three funds available. Typically, participants would find a low-income/low-risk fund (often called a “guaranteed” investment vehicle) and an employer stock fund. As the plans became more popular, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) determined that plan sponsors had to offer more options that […]

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JPMorgan Launches Finn To Lure Younger Customers

In an attempt to lure younger customers, JPMorgan released a new mobile app called Finn by Chase. The app will allow users to open an account, deposit checks, track spending, and perform other activities that many companies already offer. JPMorgan is testing out an iOS version of the app in St. Louis, a city where […]

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