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Vishal Chaware

Vishal Chaware is Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient. He is a certified Marketing Cloud Developer with experience in Marketing Cloud API.

Blogs from this Author

Asynchronous JavaScript Essentials for Lightning Web Component (LWC)

Asynchronous JavaScript JavaScript is a single-threaded programming language. Execute the below function in your LWC (Lightning Web Components) component with a button click and check the console log. You will see that the code is executed line by line and doesn’t wait for the setTimeout asynchronous operation import { LightningElement } from ‘lwc’; export default […]

Artificial Intelligence Concept Cpu Quantum Computing

NLP to SQL: Build Structured Data Questioning and Answering Application

Introduction to NLP to SQL With the availability of powerful large language models, we now can convert natural language into SQL (NLP to SQL) with a single callout, enabling users to express their information needs naturally and efficiently. Structured data, often residing in databases, requires precise SQL queries for retrieval. However, formulating these queries can […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud API

Get started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud API using POSTMAN

Marketing Cloud is a B2C platform. It is a Marketing Automation and Analytic tool which delivers personalized customer engagement on every channel. It covers email, web, mobile, social, and advertising, and Marketing Cloud covers it all. Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows most of the functionality available through API. All the possible things you can achieve through […]