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Sanket Dudhe is an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient. He has an experience of 3+ years in Development. He loves technology and hence is curious to learn about new emerging technologies #lovefortechnology.

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How to Schedule Salesforce Data Cleaning

The average cost of bad data to US businesses is $15 million a year, as it hinders staff productivity and results in bad decisions. Suppose that inaccurate contact information in the CRM prevents sales reps from contacting prospects or that sales managers base their strategic sales plans on reports created using out-of-date data. If you’re […]

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4 Strategies to Keep One’s Salesforce Organization Stable

We’re sure you can relate to at least one of these factors if you’ve been a part of a Salesforce implementation. So, the question is how to ensure the survival of your organization in an era of constant business volatility. The answer to this question, like maintaining personal health, lies in following a defined set […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Using Salesforce Leads

Managing Leads in Salesforce makes use of the massive amounts of Lead data generated and allows you to report on it, providing visibility into your Lead processes to help drive decisions. There are many features in Salesforce that you can use to make this entire process faster, more automated, easier, and more successful overall. However, […]

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Salesforce Case Object – Your Ultimate Guide

One of the potent aspects of their Salesforce Service Cloud platform, Salesforce empowers enterprises with Salesforce Case management capabilities to assist them in providing better customer assistance. The Service Cloud’s Case Management functionality, which serves to enhance the overall user experience for both customers and staff, is built on the Salesforce Case object. What is […]

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Getting Started with Salesforce Lightning Object Creator

What if you could integrate the logic defined in Excel onto a Cloud-based system that was tightly integrated with the rest of your enterprise systems? That would be truly transformational. That’s why expectations were high when Salesforce Lightning Object Creator was announced as part of the 2018 Dreamforce address. Now that Salesforce has made it […]

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Introduction To Salesforce Dynamic Forms

Salesforce is finally enabling the ability to customize and manage object layouts using dynamic forms with the Summer’20 release, after being one of the most requested suggestions on the Salesforce “Ideas” page.   What exactly are Salesforce Dynamic Forms? Dynamic forms have been introduced as a means of making object layout design more configurable. Users […]

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Salesforce Flows – Your Ultimate Guide

Any Salesforce org can benefit from using Salesforce Flows as a valuable tool. They make it simple to automate business activities without the need for writing code. We’ll discuss many best practices in this article that you should be aware of when using Salesforce Flows. Additionally, you will discover the various Flow kinds that you […]

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Introduction to Event Driven Microservices

In the world of software development, microservice architecture is one of the most frequently discussed subjects. You’ll learn what Microservices are in this blog.   What is a Microservice? Many Large-Scale Software Projects Employ the architectural approach known as a Microservice System. Efficiency, dependability, performance, and scalability are to be increased. A single application can […]

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Introduction To SoapUI

A tool for Testing Web Services, including SOAP, RESTful, and HTTP-based services, is called SoapUI. With a commercial partner called ReadyAPI that offers further capabilities for businesses with mission-critical Web Services, SoapUI is an Open Source, totally Free solution. The de facto standard for API Service Testing is SoapUI, which has been downloaded more than […]

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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Fundamentals

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides safe access control techniques for all of your AWS services. The core of AWS security is AWS IAM since it gives you the ability to manage access by setting up multi-factor authentication for greater security, creating users and groups, giving specific permissions and policies to desired users, and […]

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Test Classes in Salesforce

Introduction Users of Salesforce can Create their own Test Classes; these test classes alone cover over 75% of the code. To ensure that there are no issues with Salesforce Dashboard during production, this is done. Test classes Enable the testing of the logic for Batch Apex, Queueable Apex, Future Apex, Visualforce Controller, and Extensions.   […]

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Functional Testing with Selenium

Functional testing is a sort of testing that aims to determine whether each application feature functions in accordance with the needs of the software. To determine whether a function’s output is in line with the expectations of the end user, each function is compared to the associated requirement. What will be learn in this blog? […]

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