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Rebecca Green

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PART 2: Data Management Custom Integrations; the Options are Endless

Co-authored with Marco Rossodivita In this second installment of our two-part series, we will discuss the steps for creating a connection from Oracle Financials to an ARCS application using the new Custom connection feature. If you haven’t read part 1, you can access the link here: Oracle Financials and ARCS: A Two-Part Journey into the […]

How to Eliminate Intercompany Errors with AGIS

Oracle’s Strategic Modeling – What You Wanted to Know

Strategic Modeling Although many organizations have moved to cloud-based financial planning solutions, there are still those individuals that utilize spreadsheets for strategic, long-range planning and what-if analysis. Oracle’s latest cloud module, Strategic Modeling, eases the transition for these late adopters by leveraging Oracle’s existing EPBCS suite, giving users the ability to perform modeling and analysis […]

How to Create a Rolling Three-Month Report Using FR Studio

Whether you are a consultant building reports for a client, or you are a report builder for your own company, chances are you will be asked to create a rolling three-month report. In this blog, I will discuss how to create a rolling three-month report for Planning using FR Studio. As you are probably aware, Planning […]

Dynamically Alternate Row Shading in Financial Reporting Studio

I am often asked by clients to create reports that display alternating shaded rows. We’ve all been there, squinting away trying to view those tiny numbers crammed onto a single report. Too often we find ourselves relying upon a ruler to help follow the values across the row as the columns continue to grow across […]