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Raja Nagarathinam

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Near Real Time Integration Pattern for Salesforce and SAP

Systems Used: DataPower – XML Gateway Appliance to Authenticate and Validate the requests. MQ – Queuing Mechanism used for Guaranteed Delivery. Cast Iron – To develop integration’s using the In-built connectors available for Salesforce and SAP. 1.   Salesforce places transaction on Outbound Message Queue.  This transaction contains only the following: The ID of the […]

Connect Mobile Apps Using WebSphere Cast Iron and IBM Worklight

      In this 7-minute demo, you will learn how to easily create a mobile app through using an orchestration created in WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration and then calling it in IBM Worklight using the cast iron adapter type. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration and IBM Worklight can empower you to build and […] integration using websphere cast iron

Most customers need to rapidly synchronize sales data – such as leads, accounts, opportunities and forecasts – with a variety of internal systems, including ERP, CRM and custom applications. Just as the “No Software” experience of has simplified sales automation, WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration provides full functionality as well as flexible deployment […]

WebSphere Cast Iron Deployment Options

Hi ALL, I am Raj, working as Lead Technical Consultant for Cast Iron. I would like to present with various CI deployment options for a customer to choose from, based on their integration needs. CI Deployment Options WebSphere Cast Iron Express Is cloud-based software that helps to integrate information from Software as a Service (SaaS) […]