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Customer Connection

We have moved into the era of the customer which means focusing, understanding and connecting with the customer is imperative to compete in the consumer products and retail industries.  As the Consumer Product & Retail industry practice here at Perficient considers these industries, we use examples from companies – Burberry and Apple – even though […]

Are Retailers Service Companies?

Many retailers would say, “of course, we serve our customers.  In fact we provide very high-end service.”  Many others though would say, “We sell products to our customers.  We provide service when they ask for it either when they are in our stores, or when something goes wrong after they buy it.” In a discussion […]

Retail Trends 2014: #9 – Retailers Need to Out-Amazon Amazon

Last year, 2013, Amazon, at $74.5B revenue, became the 4th largest retail business in the US, surpassing #5 Target, ($73.3B); on their way towards eclipsing #3 Kroger ($96.8B), #2 Costco ($105.2B); and given certain growth projections, even eclipsing #1 Walmart ($469.2B) in the next 10 years. If you include the “marketplace” portion of Amazon’s business (selling other retailers merchandise for […]

‘Big’ Takeaways from Retail’s NRF14 Big Show

So, The Big Show is over for 2014. What are the key takeaways? First, retail is healthy. Not everybody is, that’s for sure, but the industry as a whole is healthy. I was reminded by a longtime colleague yesterday of the mood five years ago, when the financial crisis had hit, and the recession was […]

NRF: 5 Things Every Retail CIO Needs to Know

We know it’s a new year when the NRF Big Show kicks off in January.  Each year we migrate to New York City to see the best and brightest of retail for the next year.  This year is no exception – and like the holiday shopping season just passed, we go looking for the new […]