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Kajal Bhanse

Kajal Bhanse is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient Inc. She specializes in front-end technologies including React JS 17 and 18, Redux, JavaScript, Typescript, and Next JS, and is familiar with BFF principles. She is currently working as a Front-end Developer for the CAT team. Kajal is a lifelong learner, constantly honing her skills in cutting-edge front-end technologies.

Blogs from this Author

Discussing latest update in React JS 18

React 18: An Overview of its Updates and New Features

The most talked-about topic and trend in JavaScript right now is React 18. React v18.0, which offers the eagerly awaited concurrent rendering improvements, has finally been published by the React team. What is React JS? React is a JavaScript package that allows you to create dynamic and speedy mobile and online apps. It is a […]

How to Understand Viewport Units(VW & VH) in CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Viewport is defined as the visible area on a window screen that refers to the displays of the devices. It’s been a couple years since CSS originally introduced viewport units. Viewport units let you size items and fonts as a proportion of the user’s screen’s total width or height (the viewport). […]

Check Out the Newest Enhancements in React JS 17

While there aren’t too many things to highlight in the new React JS 17 release, there are a few new high-sway enhancements to the React JS Core. The Newest Enhancements The compilation method for React JS is the most interesting improvement. Let’s look at the compiled code of JSX in a component that uses an […]