Kajal Bhanse

Kajal Bhanse is a Technical Consultant at Perficient Inc. She is currently focused on Front-end technologies such as React/Redux and CSS advanced concepts. She is currently working as Front-end Developer with the CAT team. She likes to seek knowledge and explore the latest front-end technologies.

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How to Understand Viewport Units in CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Viewport is defined as the visible area on a window screen that refers to the displays of the devices. It’s been a couple years since CSS originally introduced viewport units. Viewport units let you size items and fonts as a proportion of the user’s screen’s total width or height (the viewport). […]

Check Out the Newest Enhancements in React JS 17

While there aren’t too many things to highlight in the new React JS 17 release, there are a few new high-sway enhancements to the React JS Core. The Newest Enhancements The more exciting enhancement is the way React JS is compiled. Let’s look at the compiled code of JSX in a component that uses an […]