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Justin Zachow

Justin Zachow is an Optimizely CMS certified full-stack developer with experience working in .NET, Typescript, Vue.js, and React. He enjoys tinkering with new technologies, hammock camping, and spending time with his pets in his free time.

Blogs from this Author

Person Testing Different Business Processes

Optimizely Blocks As Properties: How To Hide Irrelevant Fields

We recently ran into an issue when using shared blocks as properties on pages; some of the block’s properties don’t make any sense in this context and can lead to some confusion with editors. Instead of creating another version of the block to use specifically as a local block, I created a simple feature to […]

snowflake time travel

Optimizely CMS – Enabling Drag-and-Drop Support for PropertyList

Optimizely’s Generic PropertyLists can be a useful tool for both developers and CMS editors, but it does come with limitations. Our client recently approached us asking for a better way to organize their PropertyLists. Some of their lists had grown to be quite long and having to move items one slot at a time was […]